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Starting a Souvenier Collection

Starting a Souvenier Collection

Trinkets, souvenirs, memorabilia, mementos, or as some may call it CLUTTER. This clutter is what so many people are trying to live without these days on their “less is more” lifestyle. I believe in living with less too, but I like the small reminders of places I have traveled and loved so much. I have started a few little collections that cost nearly nothing (or free) and don’t take up much space. But I wanted to share with you some ideas so you can start your collection day one of your trips and not miss a location.



On my last 5 month trip, I sent my nephew a postcard from every single location… he got 100’s! And every little kid loves mail, so I would recommend this to anyone with little ones in their life. And while you are buying their postcard, opt to grab yourself a cool vintage postcard too! They take up almost no space and cost under a $1.


Take a photography of yourself in every location. By the entrance sign to the state or park is always nice so you can remember the location. Keep them digital or maybe splurge for polaroids or print them out when you get home.

Coffee Mugs

This is a more expensive option, and it takes up space. But I love those enamel camping mugs so I started getting them from different National Park I went to.


Next, to the postcards at the checkout counter, you will usually find some stickers for sale. You can choose to stick them on something or just collect them but either way they take up little space. If you stick them on something, you may want to choose something that you will not be getting rid of in the near future.


I saved all the National Park maps, plus any other little town or park maps. They are nice to look at if you are planning to go back to visit or need to remember something from the trip. And most of the time you need the map anyway so you are not adding to your stuff.


One of my favorite souvenirs is my collection of stones. Each stone represent a feeling of the environment I was in at the time. I have them in a glass container which is sitting beautifully on a bookcase. Free and pretty to look at!


I actually do not collect ornaments, but my brother’s family does and his Christmas tree is an awesome reminder of all the places they have traveled throughout their lives. Their son can go through each ornament and tell a story about it. I think it’s such a great tradition.

Do you have a favorite souvenir collection? Tell me about it in the comments section!

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